your wedding

  • Print link on your invitations
  • Everyone has facebook!
  • Professional audio, video
  • Global excitement & connection
  • HD & high bandwidth
  • Costs a fraction of a wedding photographer




Who’s coming? Who’s not coming?

There’s a limit to how many you can squeeze into a chapel. Your budget means you can’t invite everyone. And what about people who live interstate and overseas? For every 65 that attend there are 600 who would love to share the excitement and witness you saying your vows but they just can’t be there in person.

Here’s how you offset their disappointment: use to spread the joy via a live stream on your Facebook page. We’ll capture your ceremony on video and live-stream it to Facebook. Then it’ll be on Facebook as a permanent part of your timeline.

It’s easy. Print the link we set up for you on your wedding invitation or invite friends to like your posted link to have access on the day.. Anyone unable to attend just clicks that link and they’ll be front row at the virtual wedding. Not only will all your friends and family have their own memories of your ceremony, they’ll be able to chat with other family and friends on Facebook, and send their love to you in real time. It’s a modern, personal way of sharing with people who care about you.

It’s a fraction the price of a wedding photographer but will generate excitement and discussion right across your whole network of friends, not just the lucky ones at the event.

We are best practice in video streaming technology. We use robust infrastructure which we test in advance to give maximum confidence about stream quality.

Like to know more? Read the FAQs then make a booking inquiry!

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