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Where is the service available?

At present, StreamingWeddings is available in the Perth Metropolitan area. If your wedding is within an hour of the Perth CBD we can attend. If your wedding is more remote, give us a call to discuss.

What do you film?

Our basic package captures the wedding ceremony but not the reception. Longer streams are available by arrangement.

What are the sharing settings

We provide you with your very own specially designed Facebook page. Now, even though Facebook may seem like a public space, we manage the settings so the bride and groom can invite their own friends and family.

What technology do you use?

We use a dedicated (HD) video streaming camera which allows us to move around the venue to get best results in video and audio. We bring extra battery-packs and backup high speed internet access. Our system allows for broadcast quality full HD.

How do I book?

Make a booking inquiry here. A deposit of 50% is required to secure the date and the balance must be paid 1 Month in advance of the wedding.

Do viewers need any special software to view the broadcast?

As long as they have an internet connection and a Browser they can go to the webpage of your Live stream . If they have a Facebook account they can comment  and watch you getting married

Why not just let people video the wedding on their phones?

Most people will not be able to stream the video live. Even if they could, they don’t have proper camera equipment and audio (critical). Additionally access to the high bandwidth equipment is also critical to deliver a professional and reliable stream.

Skype and Facetime on a mobile phone have restrictions in audio and video quality – it’s just not workable in a room with lots of people, and it can generally only be accessed by a single person. The Streaming Weddings service has no restriction on the number of viewers and it delivers professional-grade audio and video over a dedicated high-speed internet connection.

Do you stream other events than weddings?

We do! Check out our main company StreamMe or Contact us for details…